Download your specialized picture grabber and see for yourself how much fun it is to get pictures fast and free

Why don’t you treat yourself to free images today?

Picture Patrol is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows (98, ME, NT, XP, 2000, 2003). It’s only about 2 megabytes to download, and once you have it on your hard disk drive, you can try it for as long as you like (but without a serial number, it will not save any pictures). It’s quite easy to try and see how many pictures it finds. Pictures of celebrities, airplanes, fractals, military equipment, cars, comics, anime characters, and much more…

For Mac OS, the files are compressed in StuffIt format (.sit) or Zip-format (.zip). After downloading the .sit file, your Mac browser will automatically call a StuffIt component to decompress the files. If it does not, download the free StuffIt Expander to do it. If you get the .zip file, current Mac OS X versions will know how to open it (automatically or by double clicking the file you downloaded). The Mac OS version can be stored wherever you want and started without installing.

The Windows version comes as an executable Installer (with Uninstaller). Just double-click the downloaded file to start the installation procedure, then follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

If you find Picture Patrol useful and want to remove the demo limitations, you should buy a serial number.

Picture Patrol X for Mac OS X

Current version: 1.5.1 – last updated: October 26, 2005 – size: 2,117 KB

Requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (but apparently does NOT work on Mac OS X Lion!)

Download for Mac OS X (.sit)

Download for Mac OS X (.zip)

Picture Patrol 9 for Mac OS 9

Current version: 1.5.1 – last updated: October 26, 2005 – size: 2,082 KB

Requires Mac OS 9.x, 50 MB available RAM

Download for Mac OS 9 (.sit)

Picture Patrol XP for Windows

Current version: 1.5.1 – last updated: October 26, 2005 – size: 1,608 KB

Requires Windows 98 / ME / XP / NT 4.x / 2000 / 2003, 50 MB RAM

Download for Windows (.exe)